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a quick day in Frankfurt between overnight flights Our trip to Africa started with separate flights to Germany - which left me a day on my own wandering around the streets of Frankfurt awaiting Meghan’s flight. My day in Frankfurt was awesome. The weather was perfect and I rather enjoyed the city that I had expected to be just a transportation hub and financial center. In reality Frankfurt is a nice city with many parks and squares and good food! The train ride into the city is just 15 minutes or so and after dropping off my carry on bag at the left luggage desk I was on my way. Arriving at the train station was exciting and it made me long for a trip through Europe (something I haven’t done for 7 years). I walked down to the river and followed the river-front pathways into the center of town. There I enjoyed a coffee (much needed caffeine!) and pastry before continuing my exploration of town. I walked around the pedestrian areas, back towards and around the river, and then made my way to the market where I hat a couple of amazing Thuringerwursts, potato salad and a beer. After lunch I walked back along the riverfront which was starting to fill up with people out enjoying the sun. Eventually I made my way back to the train station and took the train back to the Airport where I met up with Meghan for our next overnight flight to Cape Town.