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The trip ends with a day exploring London We arrived in London after our long journey from Kigali (Kigali to Nairobi, via Burundi and then an over-night to London) at about 6AM. After collecting our luggage and getting a train into the city we sadly were not able to check in to our room. So, we dropped off our bags and head out. We walked through Hyde Park and got some breakfast at a cafe and continued to walk around the city, walking through the shopping districts (though it was still a little early on a Sunday so they weren't yet open). Eventually we found ourselves near some of the tourist sights, like Buckingham palace where we saw some honor guard activities going on (including the playing of the Indiana Jones theme song, which got us excited to see the latest movie (but that letdown is another story..). We next made it out to the waterfront where we started to make our way back towards our hotel - only to get sidetracked by an advertisement on a bus - for the Lion King, playing at one of the theaters. We decided it would be a great way to end our African trip so we hopped on a train and got tickets for the matinee. After the Lion King we finally made it back to the hotel where we could shower and (at this point) fight off going to sleep. We walked around Gloucester road, found a pub in which to watch a little Europe2008 Football, and then ate in a nearby Indian restaurant (where we could continue to watch the soccer matches). Finally at 10 PM or so we went to bed, though we were amazed that it was still light out, so used to we were the early sunsets of the Southern Hemisphere winter. The next morning we went for a walk around Hyde Park and enjoyed what looked to be another amazingly nice day in London. We then grabbed an egg sandwich and tea and ate quickly before hopping on a train back to Heathrow for or flights home.